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Hi Everyone,


I am having a problem with all of the sub domains I have setup on my website and would be grateful if anyone could offer any advice on what the cause of the problem might be.


For the last several months I have been using several sub domains as part of a national advertising campaign to allow customers to go directly to various parts of my website.  For example, customers can use instead of using and then having to navigate to the threads section of the site.  All the sub domains have been working perfectly until just a few days ago at which point I discovered none of them were working.  The domain points to the the following page -, which I can view when I put in my browser so I know the page is in the right place and the address is valid.


But what I dont understand is why all of the sub domain names have stopped working.  So far I have tried removing them all and adding them again, this did work okay for a while until this afternoon but they have now stopped working again.  At the moment the only sub domain setup is and whilst I have been testing the address I have had a combination of 403 forbidden errors, page cannot be displayed and my browser taking me to the bing beta search page.  When I spoke to someone at technical support they said the domain was registered so should be working and that they couldnt really do much more than that.  I thought it might have been an issue with my BT webspace so tried setting a domain to point towards google which did work okay, but as with the other sub domains it has stopped working.


If anyone can offer any suggestions on how to get things working again I would be really grateful !!


Becky x x




Hi Becky,


This appears to be working fine on my side.


However can you confirm if you have previously been trying Frame forwarding instead of Url ( which it is just now ) as there appears to be a issue with customers unable to view frame forwarded sites using Virgin Media connections.


Ian - F -




Hi Ian, thanks for replying !!


I haven't tried frame forwarding but its nice to hear that the link does work !!  I had previously asked a few friends to test the link for me and they were unable to view the page and now I think about it we are all on Virgin Media so perhaps the problem is not just with frame forwarded sites.




Becky x x


Seems to be some wierd forwarding going on - first, take of the www. and use