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Trouble with BT eShop


Back in February I contracted BT to design and build an online shop for my business. When the site was apparently completed there were several faults, the most important was that potential customers were unable to complete the checkout process. I contacted BT straight away identifying this fault and all the other faults. They never got back to me, so after many emails and telephone calls over 2-3 months they corrected some of the faults. However, there were still faults on the site and after contacting them again it became clear that they were not going to do anything unless I paid for the redesign service, which I reluctantly did. It's now June and the redesign has not been completed and the list of faults has increased.

I've contacted the web designer throughout the process, used web support, and the complaints procedure. Really feel as if I've been scammed by BT for thousands of pounds.

Any suggestions as to where I should go next?