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BT eShop Design Coding Issue


Hi, I'm currently faced with an issue with my eShop.  A while ago BT websites designed our eShop which I re-designed myself after wanting a new company image.  However, the menu bar they have designed (which I'm aware is coded) cannot be removed from the Admin pages.  I have tried starting from a blank template and various other things to try to remove effects on the menu bar however without success. I would like to redesign the website again but this time using a new menu bar which I would like from one of the Design Templates however this coding is preventing me from making changes.  


Is there anyway I can overcome this problem? I spoke to the BT Web Designers and they charge £400 which I feel is far too much for the work required. All that is required is he removal of the menu coding in the HTML which I feel I could do myself, with my basic HTML knowledge, all I need is access to the HTML coding. 


HELP URGENTLY REQUIRED. This is stopping me from re-designing the company site.


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Hi, not sure if you've already sorted this out but if you need access to the HTML/CSS code you should find it in the following location:

Settings > General Settings > General > Advanced Settings


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