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URGENT Missing VOIP and connected Freephone number


We have moved premises.


As suggested I ordered all our new numbers broadband etc in plenty of time.


I was told that to migrate our numbers (2) we would be without these numbers for 5 days.


We needed to VOIP lines, one for a telephone number our company has had for as long as we have been trading 20+ years.  this has now been resolved, that number is working.


The second number we needed migrating was our 0800 number which we use for our e-commerce and mailorder business.  Neither the second VOIP number or 0800 number have appeared.


The gentleman who dealt with my order kept getting things wrong, put 2 new VOIP numbers onto our old broadband at our old address for which BT has tried to charge us.  Finally the order for one VOIP Line went through last Thursday.  In the meantime said gentleman has gone on Paternity leave.  First thing I am told is that our order is locked out to him and no one else can deal with it.  Now I am having unfruitful email conversations with his supervisor, who is never available when I telephone.


How do I get this resolved pronto before we lose any more business, all our catalogues have this telephone number on them, we already know that some people thought we had gone out of business.  This is frustrating in the extreme.


Paul also told us that we could not have call forwarding on the numbers that were being transferred to VOIP lines, nor any sort of holding message (our IT man says they could have been forwarded to other numbers).


And the bill for this sorry mess is enormous without the business we are losing on a daily basis.


URGENT assistance needed.




You ask for advice - three times, and then at least two PMs have been sent to you - and you ignore them.


If you no longer need help, why not say?



Power User

Do you know where can you check the private messages sent to you?