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Upload Speed too Low to Send Emails with Attachments.


Since 13.08.14 I have been having real problems sending emails with attachments on them.  They are not large, anything over 200KB is not sending.  Sometimes I get a message saying transmission has been timed out by the server due to long periods of inactivity.  Very occassionally (like 5 in 5 weeks!) an email with an attachment has been sent, after sitting in the outbox for several hours, and nothing bigger than 490KB. I have had 5 different Openreach engineers here and run many tests with BT.  Have also has an IT expert come and check my computer to make sure there is no problem with it.  I have been a BT Broadband customer for 5 years and although speed have never been good they have functioned.  It's just like someone switched it off one day!  The BT Wholesale tests today show download speed 1.21 and upload 0.20.  Yesterday the upload was only 0.14.  The engineers have all tweeked things, done repairs, provided mew Hub etc and although the download speed is now better than ever my acutal problem has not been solved.  The last engineer to visit said that although his test machine was showing upload of 0.21 the reality was only 0.008 and that is why they won't send.  My IT guy managed to send an attachment yesterday which was 200KB and took 2 minutes to send.  This equates to an upload speed of 0.0016, even although the BT Wholesale test said 0.14.  BT says this is rubbish and the tests are 100% accurate.  Have tried running speed tests on other websites and the stop working during the upload tests so there has to be a problem!  Spoke to BT today and they say there is nothing more they can do as the line is fine.  Just thought I'd post on here for help before resigning myself to trying to get mobile broadband!


Is there any way this could be an email issue rather than a line issue?  My IT guy did away with Outlook 2013, Office 365 and left me with Windows Live mail 2012.  None of which made any difference to the attachment problem!