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What do I have to do to get 832k UPSTREAM on ADSL Max?



I am on an old 20C exchange with no hope of getting an upgrade (welcome to "digital Britain"). I am running G.992.1 (ADSL) Annex A


My atm connection is pretty good and I get near to the 8MB DOWNSTREAM. However I am only getting 448k UPSTREAM. This is because of the way BT have configured their equipment. They have set the profile to only allow 448K 😞


Here is the output from a SNR RESET today:

283661: Dec 18 13:58:55.510 PCTime: (ATM0): VPI/VCI: 0/38, peak 448, Avg 448, mbs 0
283662: Dec 18 13:58:55.510 PCTime: Changing vc 0/38 vc-state to ATM_VC_ESTABLISHING_VC
283663: Dec 18 13:58:55.510 PCTime: ATM0: atmsar_1a_setup_vc, atm_vc_handle = 0x8711DDA4
283664: Dec 18 13:58:55.510 PCTime: ATM0 atmsar_vc_setup: vcd 1
283665: Dec 18 13:58:55.510 PCTime: Fill up paramaters for PVC 0/38[1] - Request for CoS 5 PCR 448 SCR 448 MCR 0 Available 448
283666: Dec 18 13:58:55.510 PCTime: Scheduler parameters for 0/38. Type VBR-NRT. PCR 448, SCR 448, MBS 0
283667: Dec 18 13:58:55.510 PCTime: Total scheduled bandwidth after configuringPVC 0/38 will be 448


And sure enough here it is:

                      DS Channel1 DS Channel0 US Channel1 US Channel0
Speed (kbps):           0             8128              0                  448


How do I get someone to change the profile to allow me to try for the full 832k??


I can do this with Plusnet or Zen or anyone else, so why can't I do it with BT? BT is the only equipment in my exchange so Plusnet will be just making the change to the config.


How do I do this with BT or do I have to move my broadband somewhere else?











All you have to do is move to Plusnet.


They can configure the BT equipment to support 832k upstream!!!

Shame BT won't allow it and so force you to move.



 		  DS Channel1	  DS Channel0	US Channel1	  US Channel0
Speed (kbps):	          0	        8128	         0	         832
Previous Speed:	          0	        8128	         0	         448