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Wireless phones for BT Voip?


Dear all,


We are thinking of moving over to a voip solution such as what BT are offering.


Instead of us getting cabling done again in the office to get desk phone up and running, I was thinking about setting up a wireless router and getting wireless handsets only. Does anybody know if these are available for BT's Voip product? Also, as Im here, we wanted to set this up in our office of currently 13 staff. Will this be compatible? The ADSL line would soley be used for VOIP.


Regards.. Karl

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Hi Karl,


Are you referring to the Hosted VOIP enhanced service (at a fiver a month)? With this one you can have up to 50 lines, so can't see any problems with you using this for your staff (it will certainly beat having to order 13 new landlines!)


There are a few things you need to bear in mind though, such as if there is a power cut the VoIP service mightn't work so always make sure the landline has a chorded phone plugged in if you need to make emergency calls. More important info is available.





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