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Business Broadband Voice and Asterisk


Hi there,


We currently have our BT land lines and one other (non-BT) VOIP line feeding into an Asterisk server in our office, but we have one other line that we use, our BT Business Broadband Voice line, with a geographic number.


I have attempted to set-up this VOIP line with Asterisk, but have had no luck. Has anoyone else successfully achieved this?


The required details are:


username - I have tried our 05... number with and without international prefix

authuser - I have tried
secret - Tried the password that is passed via HTTP GET when setting up the line on the router
host - Tried
outboundproxy - Tried


The domains, usernames and passwords above I stripped out of the HTTP GET request when setting up the line with the BT router, but can't get them to work. Am I missing something?


Many thanks.


Grand Guru



To do this you would need to VoIP credentials, which is not something our Broadband Voice team would be able to supply.


I'm sorry about the delay in responding Osxkris.


Kind Regards



BT Business Forum Moderator

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Hello osxkris,


Did you manage to set up Business Broadband Voice and Asterisk?


Whether or not you did, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share any fruits of your research.


BT are now offering a package with inclusive calls to UK mobiles, which would be a big saver for us

if we could set up a trunk on our Asterisk server for outgoing calls to UK mobiles.


If the Falcon IP phone uses a standard, unencrypted protocol eg. SIP, it would be possible to obtain the login details by monitoring the network traffic to/from the Falcon Phone with a tool like tcpdump (Linux/Unix) or Ethereal (Windows).


Thanks in advance