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WordPress and BT Hosting


Hello Support,

I am considering using BT Hosting to host a WordPress website, however I am unsure about exactly how WordPress is installed on the BT Webserver.

Firstly, can WordPress be installed onto the 'starter' package of web hosting? I've noticied there is a tick beside WordPress on the features list, but I just want to confirm. And if so, how is this done?

And lastly, if I create the website using WordPress locally, is it jsut a simple case of uploading the files?


Sorry if these questions have already been posted here, but I would appreciate any advice on the matter.


Thanks in advance.



Just wondering if you ever got the answer to this question?  I am in a similar place now and not sure how to progress.




Hi guys - I am also in the same position.  I chatted with BT today and it actually looks as though we are supported.  Here is a transcript - hope this helps.


My question was something like - I currently have the BT Web Hosting (IBP (1) package and I am creating a Wopress website off-line.  Can you please tell me if Wordpress is covered with this package.


Natalie: Hi, my name is Natalie. I am reviewing  your question.
 Natalie: Hi Heather, what's the domain name and I'll have a look? 
 Heather Greig:
 Natalie: Thanks. 
 Natalie: Yes that will be supported 🙂
 Heather Greig: That's great - I just wanted to check as I was unsure if I need to move from the £5 per month to £18.
 Natalie: I understand. Is there anything else I can help with?
 Heather Greig: Does BT offer assistance with the migration of the Worpress site into BT?
 Natalie: Yes, if you use the Wordpress one click installer.
 Heather Greig: Okay - thank you for your help - that is all I think I need for now.
 Natalie: OK doke, have a nice day!
 Natalie has disconnected.