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SQL no write access?




I just recently set up a JOomla 3.3 site on my BT advanced hosting account, migrated from my local pc to live hostinh, all files and database transferred as expected. I had to make a few changes to my .htaccess file and create another php.ini file to eventually get things working (kept getting a "Your host needs to disable magic_quotes_gpc to run" error), now resolved.


My issues now however is when I am logged into my Joomla /admin area I can't make any changes, whenever I try I receive an error saying "1044 Access denied for user 'MyUser'@'%' to database 'MyDb' SQL=LOCK TABLES ix5ta_assets WRITE".


(note I have changed MyUser and MyDb names for the purpose of this post)


It seems that I don't have write access to MyDb from MyUser.


I also don't see any way of changing privileges or permissions in phpmyadmin or the mysql manager. Can I change these settings, could the issue be something else? It works perfectly fine on my local XAMPP PHP 5.4.x environment


Any help with this would be much appreciarted as the site needs to be live asap.