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antivirus 2009


I have recently been attacked by the antivirus 2009 spyware, which is causing many problems with my computer. I am running bt internet security pack and wonder why the secirity package allowed this spyware to attack my computer and particularly why running a spyware scan it doesnt detect the antivirus 2009 problems. Is this something that the security pack will be looking at and do they have any suggestions about how I now uninstall antivirus 2009 without buying a third party spyware product????




Adrian Clarke


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I won't speak for the Internet Security Pack I personally don't like it but check to make sure all components have been installed.


Antivirus 2009 is pretty well coded and involves a rootkit. The only way I've found to remove it is to boot into Safe Mode with Networking and install this then update and run a scan. It might take a few attempts to get to the site as Antivirus 2009 like I said is well coded and will try to stop you. You may need to download it somewhere else and copy it over.

AVG is one of the common anti virus you can find, you can even download it in the net. AVG is also one of the good anti virus in every computer.
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Quickest way is to do a system restore.


Start > All progs > Accessories > System tools > system restore and restore to a previous date u know was ok.


Also DO NOT click on any of the windows that pop up, move them out of the way if you can.


If you cannot run system restore then boot into safe mode and run malwarebytes (


If it's managed to install a rootkit which is very common with this virus then malwarebytes may not be able to remve it and a boot time scan will be needed, I suggest using Avast for home to do this.

This (Thomas00) is spam for scamware!

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Hi Guys,


There was a post put up on this thread recently from Thomas00 advising to use:


Please DO NOT USE THIS SITE OR SOFTWARE it has been confirmed as scamware.


Thanks Spambuster!



Indeed it is. Please do not confuse this malware with the reputable Spybot - Search and Destroy which is legitimate.


Unfortunately AVG is discontinuing their free service at the end of the month (last i heard). I'm pretty sure Avast still offer a free service, but how long that will last, i really couldnt say./





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i thought they are withdrawing V 7.5 by this month. AVG 8 is still free
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My bad, your completely right. thanks for the update, means i can keep BT callers up to date aswell.



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