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changing name


am using outlook web access.  need to change the name of the person receiving emails.  have tried changing the name on the folder, but am unable to do anything in the drop down menu - not even create a new folder, rename, etc.  have changed the name in the profile section of email address, including password.  but this change has not registered on the actual emails outgoing, etc.   can anyone help. please.  


Grand Master

Hi Instruct,


you would need to change this in the Manage Services section,


if you log into,

Click Manage services,

Under the E-mail Widget,

Click Manage Mailboxes

When in there Click the mailbox your wanting to change

and then a new Menu option will open to the right of the mailbox List,

Click the option Edit Details,

Change the first and Last name

This wil change the mailbox name within Outlook Web Access,

it can take 30-40 mins to go through and change, but if you do the ammendment it will go through,






Power User

A very detailed instruction to change/edit information of e-mail addresses and anything else. Thanks.