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dropped internet link with BT2701HGV when connected to BT2700HGV (used as an access point)


Hi, for a couple of years I have successfully operated a network using my main  BT2701HGV with a second router ( BT2700HGV) as an access point, (as per a post by MHC, 14-04-2011). However when I replaced the original BT2700HGV (it stopped working) with a new BT2700HGV, problems began. All of my wireless devices will connect through either hub with no issues. But when I use a wired connection for my main pc, the internet connection will drop after a few minutes when browsing (but it can still be streaming live radio uninterrupted) if I unplug the ethernet cable and reconnect I can get a full connection back (sometimes) until it drops again. Cheers, Dave.