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no incoming emails


We keep getting a message saying inbox is full.......have deleted hundreds and hundreds of emails but we still cannot receive any.   Sending is ok.   It said we had 475 Mb capacity and it was someone at bt told be that the 475 is what is left not the total capacity.


Have phoned BT but get different tales each time.   One said we can pay to upgrade (we don't have a BT account, just this email address) another said all we can do is delete and we cannot upgrade!!


I spent 2 hours and 9 minutes waiting to get through last night!!!   I didn't succeed.   


Can someone please tell me how we can a) get a bigger capacity and b) get this thing working again?



Hi Wornout,  I have seen this a few times,  is may be that you have another email account forwarding into your account,  in this case your other email account will be full and throwing out those messages,  If you are not receiving emails make sure you know exactly which address people are sending to

go to and login as that address
if that is the one with issues go to settings > connected accounts > forwarding.  Than make sure that a copy of messages are NOT left on the server when forwarded,  after you make some space on that account the issue will be fixed and better yet it will not come back