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Smart Host Relay no longer available.


Today we lost the ability to send email from our Exchange 2007 server via Smart Host Relay.


After phoning BT support I was told the only solution is to setup a reverse DNS.


However this can only be done by sending an email to a rather long email address, there is no phone support for this and the process will take at least 24 hours.


I have sent an e-mail from my work account and from my personal account (in case the work e-mail is blocked due to conflicting IP address and domain name).


After over 2 hours I still have not received an acknowledgement of the email.


We are currently in the process of tendering for several multi million pound contracts, which not being able to send emails from our own domain could have a negative influence.


If I had received notification in advance that the smart host relay was going to be disabled, I would have had time to request the reverse DNS in advance and avoid this problem.


I still do not know if my email request has been received and is being acted up on, and cannot tell the managers whether their clients are receiving their emails or when the problem will be resolved.



Grand Guru

Hi mikelittler,


we do still offer business customers a mail relay service for non BT hosted domain names, if you can send me a private message with the domain name you are having a problem sending from, I can check the systems to see if it is still setup for you.




BT Business Forum Moderator