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no line



i have moved into a new build and ordered a line 3 weeks before moving in on the 20th aug now 21 sep


still no line,various rubbish about new sites needs cabling work,


as i am not blind i can see there is no cable but just want someone to put it in,ducting is in.


i have a complants team from bt looking at it and trying to sort out with openreach but still no further.


how hard is it to rod some cable from a to b


order is vol012-95534948787 


excuse after excuse not to do the work,a paying customer who wants some service.  


Grand Guru

Hi malkky,


I have had the Business Order management team  llok at this order number for me, but is truns out the order is for a home/residential line.


As this is the business forum we would not be ale to help with this order, if you post you question on the home broadband forum they might be able to help further with this for you.