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totally disgusted that i have been cut off without even a phone call!


Firstly i want to say how good BT infinity is but this is where it ends!


I recieved a letter regarding an unpaid bill over £67 and that i was going to be disconnected, however knowing im on a direct debit i knew this must of been a mistake.


Today a gentleman was working on the cabiinet outside of our office which then resulted on us being disconnected.....


after ringing your customer services i have now been told that you cannot put out broadband back on for 5 days!!!!


this is totally unacceptable.... firstly nobody called me from your company!!! you are a phone company right????


i run a web design company... i now have 5 members of staff with no internet and i have over £1500 of wages to pay and i cannot get any work done over the next 5 days.... there are 2 other companies in my office that cannot work.....


My phone lines also run off of my internet connection so i cannot even call my customers to explain!


you have stopped productivity of over 16 people for the sake of of £146 please remember i am on direct debit and this should not of happened!


you assured me that if i signed up for direct debit my connection would be uninterrupted.... you are now telling me that i have to sign up for a new contract!!!!!!!


what sort of company cuts somebody off without even the dignity of calling them first!


im am absolutely fuming. i run a web design company.... the internet is my lively hood.  you are affecting over 16 people over £146


i am totally disgusted.