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wordpress in sub folder


Hi guy's (be gentle, first post)


our social club has a website hosted by bt and i look after a section to do with bowls, so as i want this to be wordpress theme i installed wordpress into folder at first this messed up main index file as the .htaccess possibly changed to DirectoryIndex index.php so i changed it to DirectoryIndex index.html to get main site page back,


no matter what i do now (and boy have i tried) whenever i go to i get


Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004]


i can get on the wordpress dashboard (.../bowls/wp-admin/index.php) but when i try to visit site button i again get


Not Authorized to View This Page [CFN #0004]


anybody have a clue



searching the net i found this, I'll check tommorrow (working hours)


Ask your host to amend their http.conf file so that index.php is recognised as a valid file.


if anybody has any advice feel free