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DD being taken every month by BT but no bills are received by us


Every month BT takes a DD out of our company account but we don't get a bill to cover it. Is there an email address I can contact to send a list of the DD's we need bills for?



Hi oswaldsclub,


I'm sorry to hear you haven't been receiving your bills. 


I should be able to arrange for these bills to be sent to you, but I'd need to take some further information first. Can you send me a PM by heading to my profile and hitting "Send Message" please? We can continue the conversation there.






Hello oswaldsclub,

I can offer some general guidance on how to address the issue of missing bills and request the necessary information:

  1. BT Customer Service: Contact BT's customer service using their official contact information. You can visit the BT website or search online for their customer service phone number or email address. Explain the situation and express your concern about not receiving bills for the direct debits taken from your company account. Request assistance and ask for a resolution.

  2. Account Details: When contacting customer service, provide them with your account number, company name, and any relevant information they may require to identify your account and address the issue effectively. Be prepared to provide details of the direct debit payments, including the dates and amounts.

  3. Request for Billing Statements: Clearly state that you have been making regular direct debit payments, but have not received any corresponding billing statements. Ask them to investigate the matter, provide you with the necessary bills, and ensure that future bills are sent to you promptly.

  4. Document Communication: Keep a record of your communication with BT, including the dates, times, and names of representatives you speak with. This will be useful for reference and escalation if needed.

  5. Escalate if Necessary: If you don't receive a satisfactory response or resolution from customer service, ask to escalate the issue to a supervisor or manager. You may also inquire about a specific department or email address to send a list of direct debit payments that require corresponding bills.