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An old dispute I thought resolved has apparently not been


In November 2018, I placed an order to upgrade my broadband package. When the details came through, I noticed that there was a new account number and e-mail address, so I queried that, but was told that was the way they did things and that the service would transfer automatically.

For three months, my direct debits were being taken, but the balance on my account wasn't going down so I queried this. It turned out that I now had two accounts, both being charged, but only one being paid into, so I contacted customer service to get the issue sorted out and close one of the accounts. I thought the matter was resolved in March 2019.

Fast forward to last Friday when I started looking into upgrading my current package and got a message to contact customer service. I did so and found out that not only had the old account not been closed, BT had continued to add charges to it for a service that should have been stopped. They've never sent me a bill for this, but now I'm told there's an outstanding five-figure balance on the account!

The agent I spoke to wasn't able to do anything about this and tried unsuccessfully to transfer me to a UK-based agent who could handle the issue and I'm now left in limbo.



Hi Coinneach 


I'm sorry your old account wasn't ceased off as it should have been. So I can look into this for you, can you please send over a Private Message with some details?




I think That will also happens With me. I just want to say something that may be your help. I can offer some general guidance on how to proceed:

  1. Document all interactions: Make sure to keep a record of all communication with BT, including dates, times, names of representatives you spoke with, and a summary of the conversation. This documentation will be helpful if you need to escalate the issue later.

  2. Contact BT again: Reach out to BT's customer service once more to explain the situation and express your dissatisfaction. Request to speak with a supervisor or manager who can provide more assistance. Be firm but polite in outlining the problems you've encountered and the impact they have had on your account.

  3. Escalate the issue: If you don't receive a satisfactory resolution, consider escalating the matter within BT's customer service hierarchy. Ask to be connected with a higher-level manager or explore if there is a dedicated complaints department you can contact. You may need to be persistent to ensure your concerns are addressed.

  4. Seek regulatory assistance: If your attempts to resolve the issue with BT directly are unsuccessful, you can contact the regulatory body that oversees telecommunications in your country. In the UK, this would be Ofcom. They may be able to intervene and facilitate a resolution.

  5. Consider seeking legal advice: If the outstanding balance and ongoing issues remain unresolved and have a significant impact on your finances or creditworthiness, it may be worth consulting with a legal professional specializing in consumer rights or contract law. They can provide guidance based on the specific details of your case.