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What are my rights here? Won't let me cancel or change package.. NOT HAPPY.



I'm a new BT Business customer (had used a long time ago).

I ordered the HALO BT Business Broadband package on the 14th of June, and I received a confirmation of the order at 3pm on the 15th of June.


I received equipment not long after that.

The reason I ordered this package at £37/month was for the 4G Fallback if the connection goes down.

After the order arrived, and opening the box I realized that the Hybrid Connect 4g device was a stand alone item and that this will probably not work in my setup - because:

I need to use the BT Hub in "Bridged" mode. Basically an option on the router that makes the router act solely as a modem. I need this because I connect it to my own pfsense router (like cisco but opensource).


Upon searching the forums I found this to be true, and the 4g hybrid connect will not work for me. There is no mention on the site that this device will not work when the hub is in bridged mode (which is a mode i image most professionals would run it in).

Today the BT Engineer was arriving to turn on my service.

Before he arrived I called BT Business to tell them that the package I purchased isn't compatible and I'd like to downgrade the package to the Essentials package which is identical but without a "Static IP" and the 4G Hybrid connect.
The Agent said there is nothing he can do so I asked him to cancel the package then, he said i need to wait. by this time the engineer arrived.
Continuing on the phone I explained that the engineer has now arrived.. I got passed around to different departments until in the end the answer was I need to cancel and reorder and this pay a near £1000 termination cost.. The engineer, after going to the cabinet multiple times managed to enable the broadband  in that time and left at the same time as my phone call finished (which will be recorded).


I also work from Home and this has been installed in my house - although I believe i'm not covered by the 14day cooling off period which would have been a bonus to get out of it, or is that still the case because it's installed in a residential property?

In Any case - I am very dissapointed that the simple solution of just lowering my package down is a simple and right choice to do, secondly, my service was not connected when i called (they said i should notify within 24 hours of engineer visiting), and, if there was a cooling off period i should be entitled to it (thought in a business case maybe not). And on top of that, the device does not do what it says, which is "fall back to 4g if the internet is down for guaranteed up time" (they said they can only support if the router is in it's factory state....)


IMO this is not good customer service and if this is not sorted I will never recommend or use BT again.

I've spent 1.5hours on the phone, an hour on the chat, I also made a complaint and will hear back tomorrow.


Do i have a leg to stand on, or should they just lower my package?

Was / Am i in my rights to ask to change the package (or cancel) because i called before the service was live?


Thanks in advance.



Hi Acoloss,


I'm sorry you are having this experience at the beginning of your contract. Let me have a look at what I can do and I will come back to you. 






If you put the BT Hub into bridge mode you can hardly expect BT to support anything downstream of it!  Due diligence required you to investigate the fallback-to-4G option in this mode before you contracted.  But I hope you get a good solution.


I don't need support for it?

The package is clearly labelled as a 4g backup up if the internet goes down (without user interaction)


Hi Acoloss,


Our broadband terms and conditions do advise that a BT Hub is necessary for the 4g Hybrid Backup to function. Here's a link to the relevant terms (see clause 5.1): BTL_BTE_BusinessBroadbandSuperfastUltrafastHyperfast_Sch_Customerspriorto28.03.22.pdf


I can look into the possibility of changing your package but I'll need to take some of your account information first. Head over to my profile and hit "Send a Message" and we can continue our conversation there.