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new contract issued without consent or signature


bt recently contacted me offering me an upgrade from cloud voice express to cloud voice even though my  cloud voice express runs till May 2023,  this was miss-sold as i wasnt told about any charges to change, which resulted in it taking 3 contracts being drawn up before i signed for cloud voice, i then discovered from the bt summary page that the delivery date was around 16th May and when contacting bt nobody would actually provide an answer, at this point i had not or at any point after received any equipment that was part of this order and canceled this order and asked to remain on my current contract till May 2023.

I was then emailed on 20/02/2023 that i would have to sign a new contract to have my contract reinstalled, followed the next day that i am in contract till 09/02/2023 for broadband and value line, Which i never agreed to or signed, having made numerous complaints which are dealt with in India by people i cannot understand, i have also made an access data request which also seems to be ignored so far,  WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER, 

i will now take legal action for a serious breech in my data which has been used for a non consent or agreed contract 



Hi R57,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience.


Please can you send me a private message by heading to my profile and hitting "Send a Message"?