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Failure to close account



I am using this forum out of pure frustration.

I have closed my account twice now, spent half of my day on the phone getting it sorted.

The first time I called to cancel my account, they told me the account would be closed in last week of Februray 2022.

Then a few months later I was going through accounts, and saw that my BT account was still active. I called them and they told they had no record of the cancellation and that I would have to pay the outstanding balance. As I had no desire to argue at the moment I paid this balance even though I had cancelled the service and had swtiched provider.

Now I get a letter through the mail from debt collecters asking me to pay the balance that I paid the second time I cancelled, and my BT account is still open!

What am I supposed to do? I don't want to spend all day the phone with them again, and I am definitely not paying anything more for a service I have not used in almost a year and was told had been closed!



Hi ajk2,


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having.


Please send me a PM and I'll look into this for you. Head over to my profile and hit "Send a Message" and I'll take some of the account information.






Hi SamG,


Thankyou for replying. I have sent you a message with the details of the issue.