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Line Move

I have BT broadband on telephone number *********, the line for this is with another provider. The line is being moved to another location on 31st May. BT tell me that broadband cannot be transfered to the new location until the line has been moved and may then take up to 5 days.


I run a business and this is unacceptable. I don't wish to change anything other then the location of the line. Therefore I do not understand why an order cannot be taken now to move broadband on the same day as the line moves.

BT has provided my telecom company with a Simultaneous Broadband Reference Number of BLC*****. BT are now telling me that inspite of this number there can be no simultaneous transfer. This is dogmatic and an unacceptable inconvenience to get me to change companies for line rental.


I would like a technical reason provided why there cannot be simultaneous transfer. My other comms company say there is no reason why not other than BT intransigence.


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Re: Line Move

When they disconnect your DSL service, they may actually pull a card from the DSLAM, or switch some wires at the DSLAM; whichever is the manner by which they physically disconnect your pair from the DSLAM.


That has to be reconfigured when they set up service, again. And, if you are on an RT, that means they have to schedule a technician to go out to the switching center.