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Static IP addresses with Netgear Router

I have trawled the forum but can't quite find the answer - so here goes.


Have just switched from Pipex (or whoever they are this month) because BT Business offered better speeds at lower cost.  Took the option to have 5 static IPs (because it was the same price as 1 static IP) - migration went fine, speeds good, pretty happy


We have a netgear DGND3300 v2 router and it connects fine.  It used to work fine with Pipex and a static IP address too


We run Exchange 2007 here (which is awhole other set of issues with rDNS - but I'll get this bit sorted for now) so need to really have a static IP address on the router so I can connect remotely


If I leave the router on getting an IP address by DHCP all is fine (except of course that is dynamic), if I set the IP address to be whatever DHCP assigned then all is fine (except routing of outgoing mail that doesn't like dynamic addresses - but solved that for the time being by routing via a smart host)


But if I set the router to have the "router/hub" static IP as advised by BT I get drops in connectivity - not to all sites, but many are unreachable, some are just very slow.  If I set the router back to dynamic IP then all fine - but of course I then have to change the DNS on my external DNS server so that I can access Exchange again! (Becasue I'll now have a new DHCP address assigned).  We run a number of domains on an hosted server and our domain's DNS is on that server so we have control over it.


I don't want to disable NAT on the router - for starters we have many more that 5 (or 13) devices attached to the network - like NAS boxes, cameras etc - which don't want to be outward facing really but are much better on our networks really.


Am I missing something obvious?


Should I have gone for a single static IP rather than 5 (and how do I get back to that?).  The ordering process didn't seem to make any potential problem clear


Any suggestions?


Many thanks



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Re: Static IP addresses with Netgear Router

Hi Darren


The only way I know to set up the 5 Static IP addresses that BT offer on a Netgear is to turn it into a No NAT router.


It does sound like the best option for you is to downgrade to a single static IP address. This can be done via the BT portal.


You can access this in the “your account” section and manage services.


Once in manage services you should have an option for connection settings in Your Account settings. This will allow you do downgrade to a single static IP address. The change should go through straight away. All you will need to do is to reboot the router to pick up the new IP address


Hope this helps!



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