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4G Assure dongle not going blue when broadband is disconnected??

Hi I hope someone else has observed the same problems I am facing. I have a new 4G Assure backup connected to a New BT HUB and flashing green. However when I pull out the Broadband cable from the hub to test a fail over to 4G the dongle just flashes green. I understand that loss of broadband should make the dongle flash blue then connect to the 4G Internet and then remain steady blue while in backup.


I have logged into the router and see that the 4G backup tab has no 4G connection information, no signal. I have tested however that there is a 4G signal by using my BT Mobile on EE. and as indicated above the dongle is flashing green.


Any idea why the router is not reporting the dongle as connected and why its flashing green which indicates all is well 4G and Broadband?


Is this a SIM issue ? Is the dongle just plug and play does it need activating?


Dongle is plugged into the USB extention cable supplied and the cable is correctly plugged into the USB port of the new hub.


Any help appreciated.

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Re: 4G Assure dongle not going blue when broadband is disconnected??

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Hi there,


It's plug and play but it also needs a 4g signal so positioning the unit correctly is paramount.


Check the ee coverage site


If there's low signal then there will be even lower in your premises. You could also use your phones 4g signal to guide you to a better location and you may need a longer USB cable if you have to move the 4g dongle further from the router.


Unplug the router from the phone line so the 4g dongle kicks before you start trying to reposition.





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