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LAN to LAN VPN with Business Hub?

Hi, currently have a LAN to LAN VPN (IPSec tunnel) running between our two offices, usuing Draytek routers.


Keen to move to BT at one office to access 4G Assure and Gfast.


However, after much searching I can't fathom whether the BT Business Hub can handle this, including under 4G?


If it can't handle the VPN directly, could I somehow use the Draytek router in addition to the Business Hub? if I don't use the Business Hub I gather 4G Assure will not work.


Many thanks in advance for any help. 

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Re: LAN to LAN VPN with Business Hub?

I use a Draytek 2862 with a Hub6 on a service.  The Draytek simply links to the Hub as Ethernet.  You do need to think about IP addresses otherwise the Draytek thinks it has the same subnet on WAN and LAN interfaces.


My arrangement has the Hub6 IP changed to, mask (/30) and DHCP off.  The Draytek has a static WAN IP of which is the only other address in the subnet so the other LAN ports on the Hub are effectively disabled.  If you want all four Hub LAN ports to be active make the mask (/29).  The Draytek can basically be default config ( with DHCP on the LAN side.  I do have a NordVPN LAN to LAN config in the Draytek


I did try a /31 subnet on the Hub but it doesn't recognise it although the Draytek would.


Yes you need the Hub for 4G Assure to work.

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