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Absolutely Disgraceful


A few months ago we were notified by our business internet provider (plusnet) that they would no longer be providing a broadband service. We decided to go with BT as we were reassured that there would be no break in our services and the switch over would be simple. As a retail outlet that relies heavily on the internet for tilling, card payments and also cafe ordering processes we could not risk any period of downtime. Yesterday the bt hub arrived. We set it up ready to go to do our simple switch over today. At 10am an hour into trading, the old internet provider disconnected us…but BT didn’t come on. After several stressful hours of telephone calls, we were told they were just waiting for the engineer to turn us on and we’d be good to go. On my last call to the order department I insisted they gave me a time. She put me on hold, then came back claiming she had spoken to an engineer who stated it would be turned on by 6pm. 6.01pm I rang the helpline as we still had no internet and of course the order line people had gone home. Unfortunately for BT this meant that I had to speak to another department who accessed my account and informed me that the engineer had indeed completed his work at 10am. The issue was with the order process department completing the required paperwork. 
Two things. 
1) Will anyone compensate my business for the £600 we have lost in takings today 

2) will there be any disciplinary action taken against the woman who blatantly lied to me by telling me she had spoken to the engineers?

Tomorrow I will be starting the endless merry go round of telephone calls to people who will treat me like I’m stupid, whilst I continue to bleed revenue. At this rate I won’t be able to pay my broadband bill. 



In the meanwhile, can you use a 4G mobile phone to create a wifi hotspot and connect your computers to that?




I am very sorry to hear about this. If you message me directly I will assist you.

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