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Hybrid Connect


I Have the Hybrid Connect it has Two Blue Lights (Solid) but on the hub it said disconnected

I have re booted 5 Times. I have re set 5 Times and when the internet internet goes down so does the Hybrid system

I am a business and I must say this is a wast of money.

I have tried to contact BT and had no luck what so ever so if anyone can help it would be most appreciated



Is the hub in bridge mode?  An orange light indicates bridge mode is working.

Hi  No its not in bridge mode but I think we know what the problem is now EE has done some changes somewhere and even when they say we have a good 4G signal in our area the truth is we have very little 4G Signal if any and this is why hybrid will not work no matter where I put it so it is useless.

Thank You for your reply much appreciated


Hi PickettsA


I'm sorry your Hybrid Connect isn't working. Can you please send me a private message so I can look into this for you?


Hi Beth


Its OK BT is coming out tomorrow so we will see what happens But thank you