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BT 1Gbs leased line Primary + Failover No Router Option


We have recently had two 1Gbs leased lines installed and  configured as Primary + Failover, with a routed subnet.

This is a wires only install.

Failover is via BGP and is all configured.

I trying to find an answer to 2 questions.

1) What is the normal operation of this install?. My understanding is that both links would be up all the time, with the routed subnet routed to the primary IP address. Under a failover condition the routed subnet would then be routed automatically to the failover IP address. Is this correct.

2) How would I test this?




Hi Ian,


Yes the service you have is 2 operating service 1 is the primary which you use and then a secondary which activates if the primary goes down.

If the primary does go down then yes the IP address remain.

For testing you would need to speak with BT Net team on 08081002440 and they would be able to discuss how you can run a test on the service.

If you need anything else please message me directly and I will support you.


Thank you