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BT 4G Assure

Power User

What's the good of BT 4G Assure if there is no mobile signal where we are ?

Surely there should be more done to improve the existing mobile signal network before they try and introduce devices that can't possibly work.

I've go a 4G Assure device and it just sits there flashing green all day. The broadband dropped out this evening and that was that - no broadband - 4G Assure did bugger all !



Hi mikej101


The 4g assure runs off of the BT/EE mobile network so unfortunately if the signal where you are is poor through these networks, our 4g solutions will not work well. If you're having issues with it as you've described, it would be best for us to look at this from a faults persceptive and see if the dongle is suitable to have on the service at all. I can look into this for you if you can send me over a private message with some details so we can discuss.