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BT Broadband Smart Business Hub 2



I'm using one of these to replace a third party router that seems to have a few more settings available to me.


Before I start can someone tell me if I can block access to the internet for certain devices (Cameras etc) while they are still available on our network?


I understand I can do this using the 'child lock' style settings as a last resort. If I have to do this what is the maximum amount of devices I can add, I believe the max on the home hub is 15?


If this isn't avalable in quantity is there a firewall that is accessible that rules can be set on?



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Re: BT Broadband Smart Business Hub 2

Hi Mikat


Our BT Business Hubs don't have any form of paternal controls on them. You can restrict internet traffic to specific devices on your network from Access Controls in your router settings, there is a guide on accessing that here.



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