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BT Guest WiFi with Discs


Is it still the case that BT_Guest_WiFi is not supported by the extender discs? I run a cafe in an old building, with my main customer seating area on the ground floor and my router on the second floor.  If Guest WiFi isn't repeated by the discs, it makes the Guest WiFi useless for me and my customers. This would have been very good to know before selecting BT as my provider. 



Have you tried splitting the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels and assigning two different names (SSIDs) and  passwords?  One private and one public.  You would have to consider how to prevent your customers from accessing your own network.  I think the disks might allow this.


I use two routers as this protects my network from the public.  The WAN port of the second router is connected to a LAN port on my BTB Smart Hub 1.

The second router has the address so can't access the BT Hub's, which is


My second router is an ASUS so any make can be used.  You could pick a used one on eBay.

From this second router, you could spread its wifi around the whole property with Powerline adapters which use the buildings wiring and transmit wifi.  TP-Link make great ones.  You could pick a cheaper model with a lower speed so your customers can't pinch all your bandwidth streaming video!