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Bridge mode and port forwarding


Hi, we have a Business Smart Hub 2 attached to a Draytek Vigor 2862, we have the 5 static IP package so I have assigned one to the Draytek and all works as expected, bridge mode in the BT hid is OFF.


But my questions is about port forwarding, we run an in house web server, port 80/443 forwarded in the Draytek to the internal server IP, this also works as expected with no port forwarding on the BT hub.


However we have 2 other servers on different internal IP's on port 446 and port 8081, in order to get these to accessible from outside I had to forward the ports in the BT hub to the Draytek.


Why does port 80 and 443 work with no forwarding in the BT hub and others do not?


Just curious thats all 🙂