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Hi all. Hopefully someone can maybe assist me with something.  

Our local club is getting FTTP installed, Openreach have came out, everything internally is ready to go, although BT were unable to connect the overhead Fttp line to the business, they even had a cherry picker out but they were also still too far away to connect the line to the bracket then down the wall etc. 


A few weeks went by, a guy from the survey team came out and advised the only way to connect the Fttp would be by installing a hallow pole on the club premises and then run the cable from there to the office were all the comms is. 

When I asked who would pay for this, he stated ‘I don’t do costs, although I can’t see any costs involved  to needing the height.’

This doesn’t really assist me in anyway as I need a definitive yes you will get charged or no you won’t, there hasn’t been any charges so far, even with the cherry picker. 

What are your thoughts?


Grand Master

As a survey was carried out, there should be no extra costs.  Was there an installation fee mentioned when you signed up?

It’s through a 3rd party company, they charged an install fee of £80.00.

Although it definitely wouldn’t cover a pole install. 

Unfortunately the survey was completed with the install engineer referred it to the survey team, when he came out he could see the problem and mentioned a pole instal, although he avoided costs. 




Hi Narl


I can see you've placed the order through another provider so I can only really speak generally on how I know the process works with Openreach.  You usually have two main types of costs associated with orders - installation costs and excess construction charges. 


Your installation cost is usually between £40-150 depending on the provider and type of order, and this should cover the basic work needed for an install. If they have to carry out extra work to provide you with a service, you could have to pay an excess construction charge. 


I say could as there are exceptions to when you are liable for these. There's a £3400 exception on the first narrowband line to a premise. It's available for the first narrowband line to homes and business premises. Openreach have a page dedicated to this on their website here where they mention in the FAQs the average cost is around £1400 which falls under this exception if it's your first line being installed.


So if this is your first line, you're generally in the clear however if this is an additional line to the premises, you wouldn't fall under this exception and they could raise an excess construction charge. If this was the case, your provider would be able to see this as you'd be sent the charges to agree to before any work went ahead.


Hopefully this has helped a bit!


There is 6 active lines in the club, one of them being a public broadband service, guess access etc, the club pay £40 a month for this. 

The new service is from a provider that used satellite broadband but that is being discontinued within the coming weeks, they have advised on the fibre install which we have committed too. 

The fibre install is from a different pole also on a different street, the location for the fibre is the front office, the other lines are ran from a different location and also a different street, for this location it is a brand new install but the club have active lines within the club.


Hi Narl


If you already have a line installed, I would ask your provider you've placed the order with if there's any excess construction costs. The Openreach page I linked to above goes over the pricing they use for ECCs.


There is a line installed for BT Broadband on the opposite side of the building.


For them to run the line from one side to the other side would be in excess of 50 meters which is the maximum they run, the only reason it is getting installed on the other side of the building is location of the office with all associated comms, also cable cable length.


The cable length from the telegraph pole to the office is 15 meters maximum. 

After speaking to the provider today they have informed me that BT has not contacted them

at all in relation to the pricing for the pole