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Bt smart hub2, not able to access some websites


Hi, I have a windows 11 laptop connected (wired) to a business smart hub 2.  I am having problems accessing some websites that i randomly use, such as british gas business or elavonconnect or challonge.  I have connected to  all these websites in the past with no problem but I cant put my finger on what has changed for me to no longer be able to.  I dont have a problem connecting on my mobile using 4g but it wont work on the wifi or wired.

we have had problems with this hub, connection dropping out etc, we have a static IP now but something is amiss somewhere....

I'm not sure if there is something in settings on my hub which is preventing this, does anyone have any ideas please it is doing my head in?

Thank you



Which anti-malware are you using?  Have you tried various browsers?  Firefox and Edge are good if you are currently using Chrome.  Or try disabling any ad blockers.  Can you try a different OS like Ubuntu, which you could run off a USB stick.  

List the URLs of the websites that you can't access.  What error message do you get?


Hi wendy64,


I'm sorry about the issues you're having trying to access these sites. As Kelper has advised, I would try using a different browser if you haven't already. I would also try clearing your cache and cookies if it's only certain sites where you're having this issue. 


Regarding the issues with your hub and connection dropping, I can arrange for our faults team to look into this for you, as well as the problem with accessing certain websites if none of the above works. I'll need to take some account information for this so please send me a PM by heading to my profile and hitting "Send a Message" if you'd like for me to arrange for this.








Thanks Sam

I have done all of the above, Ill send you a PM, thank you


I had similar problems, now I use Safari and all works  fine. Also you can try to use vpn, if the reason in sites.

Regards, Jane,

manager, WorkTime


I have this issue, was there a resolution?

In the end we got rid of the static ip address and all is back to normal 


My guess is that your static IP address was blocked.  You could always get a new static IP if it is useful.  If you know the old static IP, you could check some blocklists to see if it had been used by spammers.