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Business hub - need to install parental controls as kids on internet for schoolwork


We run our business from home on BT business FTTP.   With Covid-19 requiring all the schools to be closed, our kids are now doing their schoolwork from home, via the business hub.  There doesn't seem to be any way to set parental controls at all.  Searching the forums I see this question has been asked before (2016 and 2018) but is there really still no change on this?  Many home-running businesses must have the same issues, especially at the moment.


I need a simple way to sort this out quickly before we have a problem. I''ve read about installing a second modem but need guidance on how to do this please. 

Thanks in advance,



Grand Guru

The bt business hub has no parental controls


I would recommend you use a netgear


Setup should be painless if you have your user details