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Business line not activated


I am stuck in a CLASSIC BT INFINITY LOOP OF FRUSTRATION.  I had a new business line installed at my property and was issued a new telephone number. When I called in TO ACTIVATE it, I naturally called using my domestic landline, I now realise this was a comedic error because BT automatically puts you through to domestic broadband because you're calling on a domestic line!! So even though I explained all of this to the operator, he insisted what I needed to do in order to activate my broadband on my business line was to initiate a desist and reinstate order which sounded completetely illogical to me but hey ho, ours not to reson why... He also told me that this would happen on the 20/11/2021 and that at no time would I be without a service. Subsequently my domestic broadband was CUT OFF on the 20th of October !! And GUESS WHAT?! No SERVICE HAS BEEN ACTIVATED ON MY NEW BUSINESS LINE - I HAVE BEEN WITHOUT INTERNET FOR TWO WEEKS AND COUNTING. I HAVE BEEN TOLD SOMEONE FROM COMPLAINTS IS HANDLING MY CASE AND I WOULD BE CALLED. I HAVE ALSO BEEN EMAILED SAYING MY COMPLAINT HAS BEEN RESOLVED! I HAVE YET TO BE CALLED AND WHEN I CALLED THIS MORNING TO REITERATE MY COMPLAINT OR TRY TO GET ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING, LO AND BEHOLD I AUTOMATCALLY GET PUT THROUGH TO DOMESTIC BECAUSE IM CALLING ON A DOMESTIC LINE! 0800 800 152 GETS DIVERTED THROUGH TO DOMESTIC TOO! SUPPOSEDLY THE SYSTEM IS DOWN TODAY...SWEET JESUS. I DO NOT have the option to log onto a BT Hotspot as advised NOT EVERYONE LIVES IN LONDON. I do not get good mobile signal where i live, HENCE MY NEED FOR A BUSINESS BROADBAND AND LANDLINE SERVICE TO MY PROPERTY. I'M NOT EVEN ASKING FOR FIBRE - THAT WOULD BE BEYOND MY WILSDEST IMAGINATION TO GET ABOVE 1MBPS...



Hi LumpyPrincess


I have just replied to your other post here.