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Connecting SureSignal on Hub 3


Hi all. I recently upgraded to BT Infinity as a business user, with a Home Hub but since then I've been unable to get my Vodafone Sure Signal box to work. I had a Sure Signal 2, which had been working fine with my previous Virgin ADSL service.


I tried all the Port Forwarding advice from both Vodafone and BT, but to no avail. There's a conflict between the BT wifi and the Sure Signal box - I get this error when I try to activate the Port Forwarding:


“If using VPN termination equipment in DMZ BT Wi-fi should be disabled first.”


Since then I've bought a new replacement Sure Signal 3 box, but I'm getting the same problem.


I've tried all of the advice on the forums etc and I'm really frustrated. Do I need to get a different router, instead of the BT Home Hub one? If so, why does it not work with this service? If I have to get a different one, does anyone know which router I should get?


Any help with this one would be more than appreciated!





BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Bob,


One of the ports that the sure signal needs to use is port 500, to be able to forward that port to the sure signal you need to turn off the BT WiFi/BT Openzone signal in the BT Hub as this uses port 500.


Another issue could be that the sure signal is trying to connect using a PPPoA connection which is fine for standard ADSL connections, and BT Infinity uses a PPPoE connection to work.  You may need to alter or get Vodfone to alter the settings in sure signal to get it to work over a PPPoE connection.



Hope that helps!