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VPN hassle with BT Business Hub 5


Hi All


I've tried and tried and tried and I just can't make a successful VPN connection.


I have:


* I have created an incoming connection on a Windows 7 Ultimate machine, which has a static LAN IP and for testing purposes AV and Windws Firewall turned off.


* I have gone into the BT Business Hub 5 (Type A | Software version and via the Port Forwarding page I have set PPTP Server (a predefined one not any custom ports) to point to the static LAN IP.


* I have a Win 7 Ultimate client machine and a Win 10 Pro client machine to act as test VPN (outside of the office) users.


* Initially I created a VPN connection on the Win 7 Ultimate and Win 10 Pro client machines using the default settings and the only thing I really specified was the WAN IP of my router/network.


* Tried to connect with both machines and got the usual there is an issue between the client and the server problem.


* Tried to connect with both machines using the LAN IP of the host machine (they are both on the same LAN) and both connected straight away using the designated username/password.


* Went back and tried the WAN (outside) connection again, but no joy.


* Was told by BT tech that going 'out' and coming back 'in' again on the same network wouldn't work (my bag if so), so tethered the test machines with an iPhone and tried to connect this way.  Same issue/error.


In the BT Business Hub logs I get the following:


IN: ACCEPT [57] Connection closed (Port Forwarding: TCP [#LAN IP#]:1723 <-​-​> [#WAN IP#]:1723 -​ -​ -​ []:54134 CLOSED/TIME_WAIT ppp3 NAPT)

IN: ACCEPT [54] Connection opened (Port Forwarding: TCP [#LAN IP#]:1723 <-​-​> [#WAN IP#]:1723 -​ -​ -​ []:54134 CLOSED/SYN_SENT ppp3 NAPT)


If I look at the Win 7 host event viewer there is nothing, so I'm taking it that the connection isn't even reaching the remote machine to log a block of any kind.


BT tech allegedly connected straight away when they tried this VPN connection, but what am I doing different?


We don't have a static IP from BT at the moment, as I'm trying to get the VPN to work before we start shelling out for this.


Anybody got any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?








BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Robbie


Very sorry to hear you are having issues with the VPN. I would be unsure of what is going wrong there, it sounds OK to me, but I am not expert when it comes to VPNS. The only team that would really deal with this are our Enhanced IT Support Team. They are available on 0800 500 247, so I would recommend giving them a call and the ywould be able to go into it in more depth. Otherwise, someone else on the forum may have VPN expertise and may be able to assist you with this also 🙂