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Failed at every level


We were contacted by BT with regards to installing a new full fibre line that would give us a saving against our current costs.

1st appointment made and the engineer turned up without the correct access equipment.

2nd appointment ,the engineer didn't turn up and nobody contacted us to inform us of this. The excuse was that they didn't have the access equipment needed that day!

3rd appointment and again the engineer didn't have the correct access equipment.

a 4th appointment was made for the 3rd Feb and informed BT twice that nobody was available to give access and to cancel that appointment as I was away and nobody would be available. However the engineer still came and installed the new line, meaning that one of our engineers had to miss an appointment to stay with the BT engineer.

Today I found that the original line had been disconnected and the new line didn't work, great for  any business on a Monday morning. 


After spending ages trying to get to actually speak to someone and several hours and calls to BT they are now sending an engineer out to have a look. This has now cost us greatly in staff having to wait unto 5hrs each time for the engineers, missing appointments due to having to stay after cancelling and now unable to work from the office to no internet/phone lines.


Its interesting that if we failed to give BT access we could be charged £130.00 for an aborted visit, which would have wasted about an hour of the engineers time. Whereas if BT failed to shown, abort the visit due to not having the correct equipment or not being able to carry out your business due to not having any internet then you may be automatically compensated only £26.24.



Hi @Aitch,


I'm really sorry to hear about the experience you've had with us. 


Please send me over a private message so I can look into this for you.






I'm currently in a similar position - clearly no communication. I wish I'd never gone for this so-called upgraded package as I haven't even received my promised upgraded cloud phones, they installed a second line when the engineer said it wasn't even necessary - just an upgrade on the existing line, they sent us ANOTHER set of router and hybrid connects which are exactly the same as our old ones, and I currently can't access any of my emails when connected to WiFi because of some setting on their end which they kept saying wasn't their fault, it was my hosting company's fault (spoiler alert  - it's not) and they have absolutely no idea what they're doing. I can access my emails from literally anywhere else other than WiFi. The first guy I spoke to on the phone gave me a 15 minute spiel on the new settings for Outlook and BT emails until I had to politely try to interject to tell him my emails aren't even hosted with BT and it's not relevant to me. He had no other ideas. When I rang back the second time, the next person hadn't even been left ANY notes from the day before, so I had to start explaining all over again!