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Home Hub 4 issue viewing one website


I'm having a really strange issue with my BT Home Hub 4.  I am a web designer and I can't view one of my clients websites because it is redirecting and showing a Windows Server IIS screen.


The site is hosted on a Linux server and there is no redirect in the site that should do this.  Basically the site is redirecting from to


It does the same no matter what browser or device I use.


Users outside of my network can see the site fine.


I restarted the Home Hub and it seemed to fix it for first load, but then it started playing up again.

Is there a cache or something I can clear in Home Hub Manager?  I can't see anything in there at the moment.





BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Madesimplemedia


Sorry to hear you are having these issues. That is certainly a strange one that I have not really come across before. As you are using a BT Home Hub though I would recommend looking on our residential forums here, as there would be much more info on their regaridng the Home Hubs.


I hope that you can get to the bottom of this one! If it is no tthe Hub and if you have a business line, you can also ring us on 0800 800 154.