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How do you detect dialup, broadband or wireless Internet connections in C++ for Windows?


I have an installation program (just a regular C++ MFC program, not Windows Installer based) that needs to set some registry values based on the type of Internet connection: broadband, dialup, and/or wireless. Right now this information is being determined by asking a series of yes or no questions. The problem is that the person doing the installations is not the same person that owns and uses the computer, so they're not always sure what the answers to these questions should be. Is there a way to programatically determine any of this information? The code is written in C++ (and optionally MFC) for Windows XP and up. .NET-based solutions are not an option because I don't want to have to determine if the framework is installed before our installation program can run.

To clarify, the issue is mainly that wireless and dialup connections are not "always-on", which creates a need for our product to behave a different way because our server is not always available. So a strictly speed-measuring solution wouldn't help, though there is a setting that's speed dependent so that the product doesn't try to send MB of information through a dialup connection as soon as it connects