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Hub R4 running 2 SSID's independently.




we have a Hub 4 and are looking at a solution to run a staff and a Guest Wifi so that we can control and limit/switch off one independently without affecting the other.


I seem to understand that this feature is included from the Hub 6 onwards, but even then it will only work for max 13 Guests at the time. Being a Cafe, this is not ideal,but we would need to separate the network either via a DMZ or a Guest area.


Can you think of anyway f doing this with the Hub R4 or shall we look at buying another router?


Thanks Al


BT Employee
BT Employee



Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. The Guest Wifi is still a fairly new product and currently does have it's limits, so it may not be suitable enough to meet your needs - however I would recommend contacting our help and support team here to discuss this further. I would not know much in regards to third party routers, and neither would that team - but they can give you more info in regards to the Hub 6 at least. It may be the case that you are more suitable on a thurd party router as ours are designed for basic use and any special configuration may not be possible.


I hope we can help you find a suitable solution for this one!