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DLM Reset


I am having issues with getting the support to understand I need a DLM reset.


Please find below statistics which may be needed in addition as part of a request to Openreach.


I cannot say for certain how long this has been this slow, but i'd expect months. We have installed a Draytek 2862 to check the DSL stats that are provided below. (This is a VDSL line)


For information, We also have two other fibre broadband connections coming down the same line from Openreach.


Both of these reach 35MB without issues.


        Hardware:Annex A
        Running Mode:17A
Line Statistics
 Downstream            Upstream                
Actual Rate10000Kbps4296Kbps
Attainable Rate32792Kbps6524Kbps
Path ModeInterleaveInterleave
Interleave Depth00
Actual PSD1. 6dB10. 2dB
 Near End                 Far End                   
ReTx0 0 
SNR Margin11dB9dB

Super User

Hey Joereynolds89,


The technical team will be able to perform DLM resets, however it may not be something that many are aware of as it doesn't come up frequently - the call would most likely need to be passed to second line who can get this arranged. I can have Ryan (who is a BT employee) have a look at the thread in order to have this sorted out, he doesn't return until next week however. 


In the meantime, it may be best to have an engineer out if you haven't had one already to run through some further network checks. If a fault or errors on the line have effected the DLM profile and this isn't fixed, it's likely the profile will just degrade again over time and the same issue will reoccur.


Thank you, Bobby


Hi Bobby, 


Thanks for your reply.


Would appreciate Ryans assistance once he returns if he will understand the issue.


I have had both a phone call, and webchat, both of which had apparently spoken with both second line and managers, and while the system shows no issue with the line, they would not proceed on to assist any furthur without charges in excess of £125 per hour for engineers???


The representatives on the phone had no idea in my opinion, of anything, other than what was written on the screen in front of them, having very limitied knowledge of how things actually work, not understanding SNR, DLM, or even what a DSLAM was?


The guy on webchat was aware of the requirement to manually reset the profile / SNRM, but said he could only do it for ADSL and the charges for engineer to do this manually would apply.


The other two lines here have been seen at 40Mbps at the bt dsl check, and currently actively maintain that, one of which is on the exact same physical wiring (though ofcourse i understand a different pair) and the other only being different from the final pole on the run.


The connection in question hasn't been seen above 11, and is likely its been like this for a long time, potentially from alot of building work undertaken and a number of power cycles in a short period of time (from my knowledge being one of the only sure fire ways to get stuck on a default line profile)


All connections stay up without issues, and the noise margins/interleave depth all look fine, apart from ofcourse the fact we are being interleaved and noise values in response to that. Line is also clear.


I also note the speed being a solid 10000, i have never seen this other than where the lines profile is stuck... i assume you agree that being at an exact figure would suggest the same.


I would assume once its reset, as the line appears fine, and two other connections on the same line perform fine, we would be resolved.


Thanks, Joe

BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Joe


Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you - as Bobby said I was on leave. I would recommend coming back through to the guys on Livechat here, they can take a look at this for you again and can arrange an engineer. I know that they advised you of charges - but these charges would only stand if it was your own equipment causing the issue. If all the engineer has to do is uncap the line then to my knowledge there should be no charge. We are unable to book engineers without the customer accepting potential charges, but as I say for a simple uncap and SNR reset - as long as there is nothing on-site causing that issue - it would be unlikely to be chargeable.


I hope you can get this one resolved ASAP!