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Infinity Speed drop?


EDIT: Anyone know why the images will not display?


Hi all, I got Infinity installed some time ago - the 40Mb package which was upgraded to 80Mb a while ago. While on the 40Mb we got download speeds of about 5MB and when it was upgraded it went close to 10MB. In the last couple of days trhis has dropped to about 2MB Download. I ran the standard speed check which tells me my connection is about 15Mbps, which should be closer to 80Mbps.

When I run the BT checker I get this:



BT Speed.png


maxing at 18.63Mbps instead of 80Mbps. Am I reading this right?

If so, why would it drop to a max of 18? I've check all the problem trackers and they all say there is no issue in my area.


I've also run this test...


BT Speed2.jpg


And this is the Helpdesk page from my BT HH3


BT Speed3.jpg


Any help appreciated (as I have 2 teenagers at home not happy).






Anyone know why my pictures are not showing up?

BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi mcvpjd3


Not sure what is going on with those images - usually they should show fine, if you add them via the "Insert/edit image" tool. In terms of your service, 40/10 and 80/20 are the two profiles that fibre broadband can be present on, these would normally be the maximum values that you can attain - however it all depends of the location of your line.


It could be that 18Mb/s if your lines maximum stable download speed. If you PM me some details including your broadband telephone number, business name and account number I will have a quick check for you to see what sort of speeds you should be getting on that service.