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VDSL speed issues - conflicting feedback


Hi all!

We have a Superfast Fibre Enhanced & Value Line package.

Advertised as up to 76Mbps download speed, up to 19Mbps upload speed.

Because this is what we were getting I called BT (note how stable it is, constantly around 50, no more, no less)

Over the phone BT said that as they can't see a fault with the line they will send an engineer.

The engineer was here for 3 hours today.

He connected a line tester(?) and was getting stable 55 down, 20 up.

He phoned in, they have tested the line etc. but there was no fault, he said the line is great, cabling is great.

So he requested for a boost on the line, after which he had these readings:

Before the Capacity with 55 was at 97%. He said it's very strange and looks like the line or the package is capped.

Speed via the hub didn't change, still at 55.

He left without being able to fix (changed the socket for good measure) and advised to call BT.

The BT guy after checking with the tech team said that the line is indeed capped, as I should get a minimum of 71 down, but usually, it would be more like 80 on this package.

So he was off to remove the cap. Then he said, no the line is not capped, 55 is the max down I can get and I can leave the contract free of charge if I don't like it.

This is the latest test result:

This is the test result from

This is the test result

I really don't want to leave the contract, but my business is relying on good internet speeds and really want to know if this is the max I can get as I am quite confused because of the conflicting info I got so far.


Thanks for any help/comments


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Richard


This is a definitely somewhat confusing as you are clearly being fed different information from different sources. From what you have advised what I am assuming is that you were quoted a line rate of 72Mbps at point of sale, and after the line was installed the maximum stable rate of the line turned out to be around 55Mbps. This would mean that this is the maximum rate your line would be able to sync up at without becoming unstable and dropping the connection.


This is only an assumption however, based of the fact that you have been advised that you can leave your contract free of charge. I can certainly take a closer look for you if you PM me some details, including your line number and business name - however I would not actually be on site in work until next week, so it may take a few days for me to check this out.


In the meantime you can of course contact us again and just ask for a definitive explanation as to what is going on and if there is anything at all that can be done to imrpove those speeds.