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Internet EXTREMELY slow


Hey guys,

I hope you're all well, my internet has been absolutely awful for the past 2 months. Im promised 15 download minimum and im currently getting 6 and have been for the past 2 months. Its a business line and people are working from home and its getting extremely difficult now. Are there any troubleshooting methods i can use to figure out whats going on? I will also add the main PC is plugged directly into the Hub (directly next to it) and has also been struggling a lot so this isn't a wifi problem.



Cheers, Jed.


BT Employee
BT Employee

Hi Jed


Very sorry to hear you are having these issues. There are a few wiring checks you can do to try and resolve this issue. You will find a video detailing those checks here.


If you have done those checks and your are still having issues then you may require an engineer to resolve the fault, and I would recommend contacting us on livechat or via WhatsApp on 07376165207 or via the following link:


I do hope we can get to the bottom of this one for you and get that all sorted!


All the best,