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Issue with static IP and Draytek router


Hi All

I am setting up a new site with BT FTTC and a static IP bought from BT.

I have tried entering the static Ip in the PPPoE settings on my Draytek 2927 (which work if left on dynamic) and the WAN connection says it's up but I can not browse the internet.

I have then tried using the Static/Dynamic IP configuration and entered the static ip address I was give and the subnet mask of that I was also provided, however I was not given a Gateway IP address so had to guess at the next IP address down.  This config wouldn't even connect the WAN so I'm sure the gateway is an issue here.

I can't find any help relating to this on the BT forums and wondered if anyone had a similar set up or come across this issue before.




Which username and password are you using?  green-light@ is a generic username that only works with a BT hub.


You need a unique username and password from BT which is normally sent in a letter when you order a static IP.




Thanks for the reply.


I didn't get any username or password information when I received the router.  Our account manager added the Static IP after installation and the email only gave me the IP address and Subnet Mask, no username or password.


The only success I've had with getting the internet connection up is to use PPPoE and the generic username and password; and password.  This gets a live internet connection but a Dynamic IP, I've tried entering the Staitc IP in the fixed IP box but it won't route any internet traffic in this config.



The username you are using for PPPoE is associated with BT residential services, which feeds its configuration dynamically from the exchange or even further upstream.  Yes, if you use a domestic/residential PPPoE connection username then you will get a dynamic IP address assigned to you, just like all the other residential customers do.

You need to use the btbusinesshub @ username for Business FTTx - and this will force the BT equipment to dig out your assigned static IP address and apply it to the WAN side of your hub.  You won't need to configure anything as it self-applies the relevant configuration.