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Lease Line Install Delays

Lease Line Install issues

Has anyone else had issues with extremely long delays on a lease line install? 

I placed an order for a lease line in August 2109 and it is still to be completed. As much as I have an open complaint with BT, I cannot see any progress. I cannot go to the ombudsmen because our company is too large and I believe that if I were to cancel my order and go elsewhere, it would still be Openreach installing the line, which is where the problem seems to lie. The problem being, that if I complain to Openreach, I get directed straight back to BT. Brill.

What should I be doing next? Apparently, the only option is to go legal. This seems extreme and possibly expensive. 

Obviously, there was an issue with lockdown in 2020. I don't feel that excuse still holds water though.



Hi RobV4Wood 


I'm sorry you've had such long delays on the install of your leased line. So I can look into this further, can you please Private Message me with the complaint reference?